“I have been using Kate’s executive coaching services for only a few months but in that time she has, quite literally, changed my life…”

  •   What can I expect from coaching? Will you be telling me what to do?

I work with intelligent men who make their own decisions in life, so I will not be telling you what to do unless you really want my perspective, which I’ll always have. My role is to get you to do your own best thinking, factor in your blind spots, which you won’t be blind to for long, and have you understand yourself at a very deep level so your direction and choices in life serve you and are energizing and sustainable. I will also be your confidential sounding board. 

  •   Why do you work with men? Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to work with women?

I work with men because that’s where I add the most value. My most meaningful client relationships have been with men that trust and confide in me, and through that confidence, change their lives. I’ve had many clients tell me that I know them better than anyone. Many men appreciate having an impartial third party, often a woman, to talk to and confide in, as they almost invariably withhold their deepest concerns and fears from their primary partner for several reasons, and you know what those reasons are.

  •   What kind of men do you work with, and why?

I work with male leaders that have achieved success in their lives and are wanting to achieve more, and/or still feel that something is not quite right. These men are invariably professional, intelligent, ambitious, educated, often married with children or debating whether to marry and/or have children, and often feeling stuck. I enjoy working with these kinds of men as they process things quickly and take action.

  •   What kind of things can you support me with?

* Refreshing the vision for your life that looks compelling, makes sense, and feels authentic
* Getting your energy and passion back
* Addressing ongoing issues that you’ve been avoiding for years
* Cranking up your leadership and coming at things in a way that gets results

  •      What can I expect when contacting and working with you?

We’ll schedule an Initial Coaching Consultation. Once we meet and I understand your situation, I’ll give you some options and you’ll choose the approach that works best for you. We’ll then book in your starting date and I’ll send you what you need. I work with busy people, so if you’re waiting to have the time in your schedule before arranging your coaching, I suggest you contact me now, as taking back control of your time and your life can be one of the first areas we address. 

  •      How long do you normally work with people?

My shortest program option is six months, however, the majority of men benefit most from a nine to twelve-month engagement. Many of my clients have continued to work with me for over a decade on an ad hoc basis as their careers and lives progress, however, you’re free to choose what’s right for you. 

  •   What are my program options?

I tailor the engagement to your needs, however, areas of focus include leadership diagnosis and development, career direction, peak performance, transition, and relationship. The level of intensity also depends on what you need. When we meet I’ll be listening for what you need and what kind of engagement it’s going to take, share some recommendations, and you’ll choose what makes sense and feels right to you.