These testimonials will give you an idea of the spectrum of people I have worked with over the years, what they have achieved through our coaching, and how they have found the experience of engaging me. 

I cannot speak more highly of my time working with Katherine. At each stage of the journey she helped me to develop me awareness, skills, and approaches for my professional and personal life that led to immediate and ongoing improvements. Katherine is clearly very talented but most of all has a genuine, caring style that makes the process of personal development a breeze. After each session I found so many of her messages would continue to resonate and easily find their way into application. Looking back, it has been a life changing experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her for others.


I started my journey with Katherine believing I was operating effectively at a very high level and was seeking to optimize my performance as I entered the next stage of leadership in my career. I know I would need something “more” or “new” to be successful in the challenges I was eager and ready to tackle. I had a point of view on my future and a confident version of my story of who I was based on my past.

Katherine and I worked together for years across two companies and two very different yet very challenging roles. My achievements with Katherine were and are a fundamental part of my success and the future of my journey. She really challenged my thinking across a range of personal and professional topics. Effectively challenged my “stories” and “truths” about the world around me and my relationship with my thinking and behavior. Katherine’s confidence was a guiding light at every turn – that together we could unlock the “stories” and “truths” that serve us in pursuit of our goals. The most important things I learned while working with Katherine was my next level of awareness of who I am, my goals, and my path for pursuing them. After years of other types of assessments and classifications, I was impressed how useful and personal Katherine’s approach was for our working sessions.

Katherine adapted her style over the years and depending on my state / current needs. We started with qualitative and quantitative exploration of my leadership style, life, relationships, and personality. She utilized this knowledge and revisited it throughout our work together. She adjusted our working sessions to meet me where I was at various points of energy, focus, and readiness. 

I observed her experiment with different types of recommendations for follow up and deep work. She offered various forms of “one-day experiments / challenges” for me to try, shared short voice recordings, links to various YouTube book summaries, visual aids/diagrams, and complete books.

Katherine’s ability and confidence challenging sophisticated minds without judgement is a real gift. This ability to evaluate and challenge myself without judgment is unlocking a new chapter of performance for me that is both more effective and less costly to myself and those around me. I am a more effective version of myself and eternally grateful for the perspectives, tactics, and awareness Katherine and I developed together.


I wrote you 1000 emails in my head wanting to express my gratitude and appreciation for the time that we spent together. As you know, I hadn’t gotten much from prior coaching experiences, but this was different. I feel like you really helped me put my finger on the way that I wasn’t letting myself truly be a part of the org, and to take action to overcome that. I love the techniques we used and still use them at least weekly. Things here are going great. I’ve really made an effort to turn my attention and energy to the way our leadership team communicates and works together, and it’s made a huge difference.


Katherine has worked closely with me during a period of intense transition in both my career and life. Among several prominent personal and professional advisors I have engaged, Katherine has stood out for truly providing me some of the most concentrated mentorship value. It is likely that without her coaching I would not have been able to raise *millions of dollars for my own venture into artificial intelligence. 

AT *this company has since been acquired for $800M

I am an HR Partner at a San Francisco based collaboration tool company with over 500 million users. 

My role is to work closely with senior leaders to ensure they provide the right level of leadership to the people in their organizations. Part of this role involves leveraging executive coaches to develop their identified skills gaps, which is how I came to know and work with Katherine. 

Katherine has been the executive coach for several senior leaders that I have supported over the past three years. All of them had tremendous leadership potential that was being held back by their communication styles, emotional immaturity and aversion to conflict. For some of these leaders the gaps were so severe that it was preventing them from actually being able to be successful. We engaged Kate to assist with coaching them through these gaps. She was able to quickly build trust with them, uncover the root cause of their problems, and work with them on solutions and mechanisms to transform their leadership style, and the positive impact she has had has been nothing short of extraordinary. All of the leaders that have worked with Kate have made significant turnarounds, both as leaders and as people. Her approach was so successful that it lead to many of them being promoted or given increased scope. These leaders have been so grateful for Kate’s work that several said they would have paid for her services out of their own pocket. 

Kate is by far the most leveraged and highly requested coach we source through our coaching provider, and because of her we continue to use them – something we might reconsider if she was not longer with that provider. I look forward to working with her and leveraging her incredible skill set as an executive coach with other leaders in future. 


Katherine helped me work through incredibly challenging issues at the confluence of my professional and personal life. It was transformational; the work was a powerful combination of generalizable insights and actionable steps that I’ve been applying to make deep, lasting improvements to who I am. I feel an overwhelming send of gratitude and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who is seeking a professional coach.



When I first started working with Kate I was skeptical that it would be valuable. I had previously completed several leadership training courses, and as the CFO of a large, fast-growing corporation I didn’t think that someone without deep industry knowledge could help me make better financial decisions for the company. However, since the company was providing the coaching I decided to give it a shot. 

I worked with Kate for a little over 7 months during which time she helped me across multiple axes: as an individual, as a leader and as a team member. She helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and how to channel them to be fruitful for my career development, how to show up best for my team, and continue my personal growth. She introduced several leadership philosophies during our engagement that I could put to work right away. I have absolutely enjoyed and benefitted immensely from working with her. She has helped nudge me into a more calm, balanced place as a leader who is staying out of the drama. Kate was consistently smiling and optimistic during our sessions and we were always laughing – which for me, is the sign of a positive and life-enhancing relationship. I would recommend working with Kate without hesitation.



I have been using Kate’s executive coaching services for only a few months but in that time she has, quite literally, changed my life.

Kate has an uncanny ability to see beyond the immediate issue and makes me think very deeply and reflectively about my own practice. In fact, I have learnt things about myself that I had no idea about! While not always comfortable, Kate makes me think about things from a different angle and find alternative solutions to issues that sometimes feel insurmountable.


I am delighted to recommend Katherine Hosie as an executive coach of the highest quality. Kate has assisted our organization, in one instance with a senior staff member (my direct report) struggling with change, yet fully committed to the organization.

Kate’s coaching has brought about a complete transformation in attitude in the employee, an ability for the employee to see things differently, and an understanding of self.

This, in turn, has seen a turnaround from an employee who was considering leaving the organization after many years, to someone who has been transformed into a modern thinking, insightful and happy senior staff member who is now well equipped to move forward with the organization, and take a lead role in the changing environment.


Kate and I began working together when I was building a cross-functional team at a quickly growing San Francisco tech company. Together we’ve navigated the growth and development of my team and my personal leadership style. She’s helped me identify and overcome blind spots, team challenges, and burnout. 

Kate’s coaching style is a balance of thoughtful, kind, and firm; her approach is backed by empathy and deep expertise. With other coaches and some managers, I’ve felt like I’m working solely for them; Kate is unique in the way that she makes me feel like we’re both working in my best interest. Starting from our first session I felt seen, understood, and motivated by Kate; I trust her and look forward to our continued working relationship. 


 I met Katherine while she was in the position of President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Australasia. As President of ICF South Australia, I had the pleasure of welcoming Katherine to SA to present at our branch event during Coach Week 2012.

Kate was marvelous; she presented not only herself but ICF Australasia in such a positive, professional and knowledgeable way. I found Kate’s leadership inspiring, her manner and interpersonal skills exceptional. Additionally, her advocacy for the ICF credentialing program has been vital in raising the professionalism bar for the coaching industry.


Sensational! Kate’s ability to actively help me define my goals, and more importantly, to help me achieve them, is phenomenal!

Before commencing my coaching I was on a rollercoaster ride. I never knew how to set goals properly, and my achievements would be up and down, up and down. But since I’ve started my coaching with Kate I have reached every goal that I’ve set.

My results have not only exceeded the expectations of my employer, but of myself as well, and with Kate’s guidance I am certain that they will continue to improve and sustain my new level of income.

My sales results, year to date, have gone from average to 324% to target! To ask whether Kate is ‘worth it’ would be a serious understatement. The value that she’s added, not only to my income but also to my business and personal life, is immeasurable.


Kate is head and shoulders above any other coach I’ve worked with. She easily slices through to the core issues I’m facing, and calls me on stuff when I need that wakeup call. I also appreciate how she really understands who I am as a person; how I’m wired and what I care about, and tailors my coaching accordingly.



This has been the most loaded hour of development in my career and my life. I know it’s your job to hold a mirror up, but I have never seen myself so clearly. You have done an amazing job of challenging me. 



Coaching with Kate has been an incredible journey of self-discovery, brutal honesty and challenging to the core. It’s also been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life.

She is direct, truthful and pushes you to step up, lean into your life and take action. There have been tears but there has also been breakthroughs and tremendous growth. If you are ready to make the investment in yourself, invest in Kate.


I came to Kate at a really messy point in my life, where things had reached an incredibly frenetic pace and it was putting pressure on my relationships, my family and my sense of self. I actually felt lost.

Kate worked with me, and whilst I didn’t realize at the time, she clearly had a very cleverly structured strategy for taking me on a journey over our sessions together. Only in hindsight, could I see the massive change. That I was being led to a place of self-acceptance; a place of peace. It was sometimes done gently, and sometimes not-so-much – but it was always done with complete love and in the way I needed to hear and experience it for it to have the greatest impact on my life.

Kate gave me a huge gift in our work together. It may sound strange, but I feel like I found myself again. And once I had, I was completely ok with what I found.


Last year I was part of the 5thManagement Action Program organized through my department. As part of this program, there were a number of follow up one on one coaching sessions and, in my case, this has been with Katherine Hosie. When we met I was a little at the crossroads in my career. I had been in the job for about six years and was very happy with what I was doing both from a scientific point of view but also the group I was looking after had become very successful so things were pretty comfortable.

At our first meeting Katherine actually pointed this out to me through the 360° feedback reports she had received from my manager, peers, and subordinates. Katherine questioned what I wanted to do in the future and I mentioned that I had been toying with the idea of maybe stepping outside my group and looking at opportunities with our Branch for experience managing larger groups. Katherine challenged me to look further into what I actually wanted as a future career and this led me to assess my expectations and my life.

A series of events over the last few months have since passed and I am now acting in my General Manager’s position after he was promoted to the Division’s CEO position. I don’t think I would be here without Katherine’s assistance and giving me the confidence to put my hand up and become a leader in the Branch.

At our first session, I immediately felt that Katherine had done a lot of homework with both my personality profile and also the 360° feedback profile material and she had summed me up perfectly… which was a little confronting. Katherine was very engaging and tried to draw out as much as I was comfortable with and she showed me that she actually cared about my future direction.

We have had a number of subsequent sessions that have always been conducted in a very comfortable and friendly manner with Katherine always trying to stretch me. I have used the sessions to get resolutions to some of the difficult issues I was encountering in my new role and prepare for the future.

Katherine has always made me do all the work with her carefully directing me down the right track, which, I suppose, is the role of a good coach. I am now determined to apply for this position of GM* when it is advertised in the next month or so, and if successful, I intend to request future sessions with Katherine.

I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine to anyone as a fine example of a coach. Katherine has given me a lot of confidence and I am a revitalized person with a true sense of direction and purpose.

RS (successfully promoted)

Kate was excellent. I appreciated her honesty. I felt that she connected well with me, and that is not a phrase I have ever used before. I found it liberating, it gave me permission to be myself and to use my own style, not conform to a perceived corporate ideal. I now have a lot of thinking (and planning) to do.


I have worked with Katherine throughout most of my time as Executive Director of the Government Digital Switchover Taskforce. She has provided me with incomparable support, helped me work through innumerable difficult issues, and made a real and tangible difference in my life. I will continue to seek out her wise counsel as my career develops and can’t recommend her highly enough. A coach and counsellor who has become a trusted friend and confidante.


When I first started my coaching with Katherine I had just commenced a new position in a more senior role, managing a region of up to 15 people under a new structure and Government. I previously held a management position but needed to develop my skills in setting boundaries, leading a team rather than managing a team, and being able to communicate with influence in an assertive style rather than a demanding style. I needed to enhance my leadership skills to be able to support a large and dispersed team spread across three locations.

Since working with Katherine I have developed my communication skills, in particular with my staff. I have been able to use effective techniques at the right times when dealing with them. I am able to communicate with influence and get the staff’s commitment to do what is required of them in a timely manner. I am now a more assertive communicator, rather than getting uptight and stressed. I am able to delegate and not feel guilty and have the trust in others to do the job.

Katherine has instilled self-belief in me, and a confidence that allows me to be a leader. Personally, I feel that I have grown as a leader and am now much more comfortable with my communication style and implementing the techniques I have learned. I now see that I do have the capacity to effectively lead my team.

I recently received informal feedback from my State Manager thanking me for my leadership and the support I have provided him in recent times. Katherine has always made me feel very comfortable during our sessions and at times challenged me to think differently about my approach to being a leader; she has taught me to identify the values of others to assist me in building better relationships with team members, family members, and friends.

Katherine’s friendly personality and her listening style have allowed me to build trust and confidence in knowing that after each session I will walk away with a new skill.


Kate is an excellent listener who is able to give friendly yet completely honest appraisals of how I operate. This is immensely useful for me. She is relaxed, friendly, yet extremely professional.


I liked how professional, warm, direct and understanding you were. I liked how after only an hour into the first session I felt comfortable enough with you that I could really open up and be honest with you, which allowed you to really coach me. Working with you was an absolute pleasure. Your professionalism, passion, and direction for each one of our sessions was invaluable.


Kate gave it to me straight, there was no pussyfooting around or hidden agenda. She called it and identified instances so I couldn’t have any reaction other than to understand.


Katherine Hosie worked as a consultant and coach on several assignments for Bain and Company.  On all assignments Katherine was able to achieve the objectives established and very positive results with Bain Consulting employees.

Feedback from consultants who worked with Katherine commented on her many strengths including her ability to create processes to identify key issues, define goals, build awareness and provide a range of techniques to facilitate behavioral change. Katherine’s style whilst working with people is supportive, respectful, and motivating.

Whilst I have worked with Katherine I have found her advice both insightful and pragmatic. I recommend Katherine Hosie for leadership and organizational change work, in addition to coaching assignments for individuals.


I am a private wealth manager running my own boutique investment business operating with clients on a very personal level. Since 2004 I have worked closely with Kate Hosie on a professional level and over the years we have also formed a close family bond. As an ex-Army officer, I demand the highest integrity levels from my business associates and I have found Kate to have a level of integrity rarely found in the business world.


Just wanted to touch base to thank you for the work that you are doing with our GM. The transformation and new level of self-understanding are truly amazing. We have been able to take some large steps forward now, including restructuring the management level and reporting lines. He is over the moon with his new self-awareness and I believe that we can have a very positive and fruitful way forward.


Kate and I worked together very collaboratively. Our work was based on analytics from the detailed personality profile and was backed up with deep, individualized advice on how to maximize my impact.

Results were almost immediate. I had a much better sense of my personal and professional goals and I was able to have a greater impact at work. For example, the proposals I worked on following my work with Kate led to several pieces of work being won in the Private Equity Group (and a significant positive impact to the bottom line). This was a great improvement to the work I had done previously.

Working with Kate has made me a more confident person who is much more in touch with my personal and professional goals. In addition, Kate has gone above and beyond the traditional coaching relationship and has become a friend and advisor who I trust and respect greatly. She has continued to play a supporting role for me even beyond the coaching engagement.


Working with Kate was an absolute pleasure. Her professionalism, passion and direction for each one of our sessions was invaluable. I would not hesitate in recommending Kate to others in the future – she’s a stellar coach that gets results and that you can depend on!


I work in an HR role that is focused on L&D activities.  I have been keen to organize a number of workshops led by experienced sales staff targeted at upskilling junior sales staff. The challenge before speaking to Kate was around gaining buy-in and ultimately approval from a key sales stakeholder so these sessions could start. The concept was initially presented and agreed to in a meeting but by the next day, I had pushback. I tried several different angles of approach over the last couple of months but consistently received push back and excuses.

After an initial conversation with Kate we organized to meet and discuss my situation.

I like to work things through out loud and Kate provided the forum for this to happen.  She asked me open questions around the type of person the key sales stakeholder was and encouraged me to analyze who he was and to look at where he was coming from. Kate helped me focus on my audience, stripping back the issue and identifying the key trigger for his resistance.  The coaching experience provided me with the opportunity to reflect where I was able to have that aha moment; a moment of clarity to see a way forward.

The way forward worked and the sales workshops have now been booked in.


Kate is a very experienced coach and mentor dedicated to delivering an excellent professional service to clients. If you want to be coached by a mentor who would challenge you to walk that extra mile, then I recommend you speak to Kate. Kate was my coach and mentor for 12 months and our sessions were challenging and focused in addition to being fun. She is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and an excellent motivator.


I started working with Katherine during a tough year career and life wise. At first I thought that my sessions with her would give me quick solutions to ‘fix’ things. However, it quickly became clear that she wasn’t there to fix my problems. Instead, we worked together on identifying blind spots and she supported me whilst I worked on them. It was a very active and engaging process – and exactly what I needed.

Looking back, I find the results of our sessions remarkable. Her wisdom and coaching skills have enabled me to get my career and personal life back on track – I now have the know-how to keep it that way on my own. Thank you, Katherine!


I first hired Katherine as my coach after attending a training weekend that she was running in London. It was one of those moments when you just know that you want to work with someone because you know they will make a difference. Sure enough, Katherine proved to be invaluable to me as I worked on establishing my business.

Of all her amazing qualities as a coach, the one I admire most is her direct, honest, and ‘say it as it is’ approach. This has saved me so much time because it helped me to think things through and make good decisions quickly, and if you love making visible and rapid progress in whatever you’re doing, then this is just what you need.

Overall, Katherine is simply a coach of the highest calibre and I am privileged to have had her working with me. I recommend her without reservation and I look forward to working with her again in the future..


Katherine is an experienced coach dedicated to delivering a first-class professional service to clients. Her experience and credentials speak for themselves and reflect in her coaching style. Check out her website for the great testimonials. Katherine was my coach and mentor for 18 months and our sessions were hard work, focused and fun. If you want a coach who will stretch you, then I recommend you speak to Katherine.


I have used Kate’s services as a coach and mentor and really can’t say enough great things about her. She is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, motivated and above all… motivating. She has such a big impact on how I approach my business and I am so excited to be back working with her.


For direction in your life, both professional and personal, coaching is perfect.  I started working with Kate for my professional development and actually came away with so much more than I expected.


Kate’s warm and sincere nature helped put me at ease and I felt I could be 100% honest with her. I found Kate to be intuitive and able to articulate feelings that I had problems expressing. I liked her use of practical examples – whether it was from other coaching she had done or from literature she had read (very resourceful).


It is an absolute privilege to write this endorsement for Katherine Hosie. Katherine and I first worked together in a mentor coach group gaining our coaching credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF). It was here that I first experienced the powerful coaching that Katherine brings to her work – she is a master.

Being impressed by her commitment and professionalism to coaching, I asked whether she would be interested in joining the leadership team for the state branch of the ICF when I was president. She stepped up and ran the challenging portfolio of Events, running successful meetings and instigating a number of innovations that helped not only local ICF members, but also made an international impact.

When I was Head of Coaching for Yellow Edge, Katherine was, and still is, a coach in the team of around 20 coaches delivering leadership development coaching. The feedback she received was always exemplary. Every single piece of feedback we ever received through both formal and informal channels was extremely positive for Katherine’s work.

Our current relationship is again with the International Coach Federation. Our Chapter is an Incorporated Association and is thus required to have a Board of Directors to run the organization. In my role as President, I asked Katherine to join the board as Director of Business Development. In 2011 she continues on the Board in a new role, as Director of Professional Development. Katherine is a spectacular coach, a supportive colleague and a great friend. If you have the opportunity to work with Kate, grab it with both hands as it will add value and make a difference to your life and the life of those around you.


Prior to starting up with Katherine as a coach I was stuck in a rut in relation to my career, my finances, my emotional and physical health, and my relationships. I can’t believe how many barriers I’ve broken through since starting to work through things with Katherine. I’ve moved forward in all of these areas thanks to Katherine’s warmth, insight, and experience. I am very grateful that life brought us together.


Worth it! After going through a difficult period and feeling emotionally spent I knew I was not living a life I wanted to live but did not know how to change it. Kate helped me understand my distorted pattern of thinking and how to challenge and deal with it. Her warm and genuine nature allowed me to be completely honest during the sessions. She is wise beyond her years and generous enough in spirit to share her wisdom and insights.


Coaching was my turning point and has been an incredibly powerful experience. I can’t recommend Kate’s coaching highly enough. With her help I’ve identified and changed negative patterns, self-defeating beliefs and conflicting values, all of which were holding me back for years.

In the past 12 months my income has more than tripled. I’m motivated, enthusiastic and am seeing my goals realized. I’m changing the way I think and that’s changing my life entirely.

Kate’s savvy and practical sessions have been invaluable. She has been a wise, insightful and supportive mentor. Coaching has not just been about achieving objectives, it’s about becoming who I want to be and living the way I want to live.


I have found Kate to be exceptionally professional and responsible in her approach to my business dealings and I find she understands my requirements and helps me uncover solutions to the many problems I seem to come up with during the course of day-to-day business. She is able to adjust her delivery style to suit my situation, and over the past nine months has become an integral part of my business strategy.


I am extremely fortunate to have Kate as my Business and Personal Coach. She is an energetic, enthusiastic coach and mentor. She is professional and incredibly resourceful. Although constantly challenging me, Kate is sensitive and caring and has been instrumental in assisting me to reach my purpose in life, while providing me with a most supportive environment.


Kate is absolutely brilliant at uncovering the truth in people and helping them to identify the steps they need to take to live that truth… (She) is extraordinarily insightful and brings a wealth of tools, strategies, and personal stories to her coaching sessions to assist with the unburdening of rules, restrictions, conflicting values and disempowering internal dialogue to fast track you. Making the decision to be coached by Kate was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I cannot recommend Kate highly enough – every session will provide you with breakthroughs and strategies which compound on one another so that you gather momentum and establish a whole new life path.


I have been having coaching for only a few short weeks, during which time I have experienced the most shattering period of my life. Kate has proved to be the most valuable coach I could have wished for and has helped me to come to terms with certain aspects of my personality and life which needed to be faced and either accepted or challenged and dealt with.

In one session, Kate actually forced me to change a destructive lifetime habit into a positive acknowledgement of how useless this practice was and to alter it immediately – this brutally frank exchange was probably the most honest communication I have had with anyone in the last ten years!!! She’s not afraid to tell it like it is!


Prior to starting with a leadership coach, Kate Hosie, my employer arranged to support my leadership development, I felt I had my plans to manage a team all worked out, it was happy days (so I thought).

First and second meeting we uncovered areas of my plans/beliefs that required some self-reflection with how I would like to be known as a leader by my new team and my leadership team colleagues. This prompted some self-reflection with my career development and a relook at my personal life/attitude to ensure the steel reinforcement in my foundations was where they should be.

Whilst it was hard work pushing through the barriers of rewiring oneself with a coach that keeps you on the hook, the rewards of change in a direction I have been seeking was relocated from my subconscious to a better position, my conscious. This now remains as permanent value to my development and a good springboard to grow from. It was a satisfying and valuable journey.


I have found Kate to be an amazing addition to my life. When I first went to see Kate, I never really believed I needed a coach and within an hour I felt like I’d had a life-changing experience. Kate has a very warm and genuine nature which makes it very easy to really reach inside and be honest with not only yourself but others as well. Since seeing Kate my business and personal life have elevated to a whole new level.

One of the things I find quite amazing is, even just from my contacts alone, the diverse range of clients Kate has and how much we all gain from our sessions. On many occasions I have spoken about Kate to others and her ability to connect with her clients and help them grow. I would not hesitate in recommending Kate to any business, individual, or group wanting to change and grow.


Sometimes someone comes into your life who leaves a lasting impression on you, and who helps you fundamentally change how you look at the world. Coaching has been such an experience for me, not just the content and the knowledge and skills I have learnt, but more importantly because of the input of Kate herself. She has an innate ability to capture the moment and make each session a journey full of insights and discoveries. She is, quite simply, a magical coach, with a wisdom that she shares both generously and expertly. I feel privileged to have her all to myself for our sessions each time we meet!


The “light bulb moments” that I have with you continue to occur and the underlying reasons for many of my behaviors are becoming ever more apparent.

I know the support I get from our continuing partnership will take me to a place where I feel a whole, connected & fulfilled person.


Kate made me address the problems that I was trying to keep hidden under the carpet! She has made me feel more confident about branching out into new areas of my life, trying new things, and pushing myself to do the things I was scared of doing.

If you’re thinking about hiring Kate – DO IT! She helps you to keep focused, she sees right through you and knows if you’re skirting around the issue. Because of her, I am now a much happier, healthier, self-assured person who can focus on the things that I was once too scared to acknowledge. She understands me and has an innate sense of being able to put into words my expressions, pauses, doubts, fears, and joys.


From my first session with Kate I felt totally relaxed and an immediate connection. A knowing that this was what I was looking for. She has an uncanny intuition, holds me accountable for my actions, and has a way of asking the right questions to get the best out of me.

Kate adapts every session to suit me. The growth, personal development and results I have achieved so far have been nothing short of amazing.

Kate has a direct, honest, and totally up-front approach and a great sense of humor.

The decision to embark on this journey with Kate has been my best by far.


I am amazed at how powerful and effective Katherine’s style is and what an impact she has had on me in such a short time. Kate walks beside me, listens to me, and tells me clearly what I need to hear. She is energetic, dynamic, humorous and supportive.


Wow. Katherine is FANTASTIC. Really enjoy the sessions with her and the level of thought/synthesis/insight that she puts into the content she generates before and after our sessions. My best coaching experience by far.

Gathered anonymously by third party

Kate warmly and patiently nudges me in the right direction with an incredible depth of perspective and insight, as well as countless frameworks and tools to look at something differently. She’s a fantastic coach.

Gathered anonymously by third party

Kate has helped me identify root issues I have and understand them in a way that feels enlightening, enormously helpful, and immediately actionable.

Gathered anonymously by third partw