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Executive Director

"I have worked with Katherine throughout most of my time as Executive Director of the Government Digital Switchover Taskforce. She has provided me with incomparable support, helped me work through innumerable difficult issues, and made a real and tangible difference in my life. I will continue to seek out her wise counsel as my career develops and can’t recommend her highly enough. A coach and counsellor who has become a trusted friend and confidante."




"Kate pushed me to reflect on and re-embody my core values, and use them as the touchstone against which I evaluated every company and opportunity I considered when re-launching my career. She guided me as I rediscovered forgotten strengths, considered which learned strengths were depleting my energy and helped me focus on what really matters as I grow my career. Thanks to her coaching, I’m about to re-launch my career at an incredible company in a position tailor-made to my experience, strengths and potential. I look forward to continuing to work with her as I transition and take my career to the next level."




Kate's coaching had a dramatic impact on our organization's effectiveness and impact. She coached me on some of the highest-stakes, highest-complexity areas of our business: business strategy, interpersonal effectiveness, leadership team development and dealing with rapid growth. My executive team and I have greatly benefited from the decades of wisdom and expertise, and the unprecedented results we have achieved are a direct consequence of our work with Kate.

Who I work with

I work primarily with high-functioning male leaders in transition.

The challenges they face

Career transition, new roles, rapid expansion, overload and overwhelm, insufficient time spent on strategy, not enough energy spent on growing their leadership teams / people.

The results we generate

Increased clarity, focus on ROI, better habits (professional and personal), understanding of their strengths and how to use them, greater delegation.

About Katherine Hosie

I’m Australian, have lived and worked around the world, and am now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work globally with C-level execs, founders, and other high-functioning leaders and their teams. Specializing in Leadership, Men, and Transition, my top character strengths are intellection, judgment, love, and honesty, and I rely heavily on them in my work. My education includes a Master of Applied Science, Evidence-Based Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, which leads the world in this arena.

Leadership, Men & Transition |
Master of Science, Coaching Psychology (MScCoachPsych) | 10,000+ hours experience |

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