“I have been using Kate’s executive coaching services for only a few months but in that time she has, quite literally, changed my life…”

  •   What can I expect from coaching? Will you be telling me what to do?

I work with intelligent leaders who make their own decisions in life, so I will not tell you what to do unless you really want my perspective, which I’ll always have. My role is to get you to do your own best thinking, factor in your blind spots (which you won’t be blind to for long), and have you understand yourself at a very deep level so your direction and choices in life serve you and are energizing and sustainable. I am also your confidential sounding board. 

  •   What kind of clients do you work with, and why?
I work primarily with CEOs, Founders, and their leadership teams, as over the years have found that the root of all organizational success, happiness, and functionality starts there. I like to get to the root. 

  •      What can I expect when contacting and working with you?

We’ll schedule an Initial Coaching Consultation. Once we meet and I understand your situation, I’ll give you some options and you’ll choose the approach that works best for you. The first 3-4 sessions are focused on getting a shared understanding of you, your values, your strengths, your blind spots, and your drivers. Once these are clear, which they will be, I can truly partner with you and you can take the coaching in whatever direction you like. If you like a structured approach, we can build that. If you prefer more emergence, we can do that too. 

  •      How long do you normally work with people?

My shortest program option is six months, however, the majority of clients benefit most from a nine to twelve-month engagement. Many of my clients have continued to work with me for over a decade on an ad hoc basis as their careers and lives progress, however, you’re free to choose what’s right for you.